Thursday, November 10, 2011

The title is "Menus 4 Mamas"

Since this is my first time blogging, you'll have to be patient with me. I had a lot of great ideas as I was cooking tonight. One idea was to post my recipes a day after I make them so I can give helpful hints... ( there were quite a few tonight) and then I can take a picture. I personally only use recipes that have pictures. So with that said I am going to post my menu for next week tomorrow. Also I think it would be helpful if I added that I don't cook on Sundays.

I had other ideas too. Post by recipe title so it can easily be searched and when I post the menu I'll post my shopping list and coupons that I used to save money. I generally use about $20-$30 worth of coupons per grocery run every other week. I am certainly no "extreme" couponer but I try to do what is realistic and saves me money.

Ok. This is really exciting to me. I'm sure I'll have more ideas for tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!! :)

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